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About Fort Daniel

Fort Daniel was a originally a fort in the state of Georgia. Many of these forts in Georgia were built near the Cherokee and Creek Indian treaty boundaries. However, this fort was constructed in 1813, during the War of 1812, to protect residents in the state's western areas against assaults.

Fort Daniel is situated on the highest part of Hog Mountain in northeastern Gwinnett County, about 3600 feet northeast of the head of the Appalachee River.

In 2007, the fort's site was excavated for archaeological purposes. The Gwinnett County-owned Fort Daniel Historic Site is a dedicated archaeological research park open to may groups of people.

What Was Discovered in the Excavation?

From 2007 to 2001,hundreds of artifacts, including ceramics, nails, musket balls, buttons, coins, Indian pottery, trade goods, stone tools, and more have been discovered. Remote sensing techniques used by collaborating universities, as well as the archaeological excavation, have determined the fort's original establishment. Through this technology, it is possible to depict a square stockade with two diagonally placed block buildings, is based on a concept for frontier forts created by President George Washington and given to the Governor of Georgia by Washington's Secretary of War, John Knox, in 1794.